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       Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini

       Masolino da Panicale

Masolino da Panicale, was the nickname of Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini; (c.1383–c.1447) an Italian painter. He is probably best known for his collaborations with Masaccio: ‘Madonna with Child and St. Anne (1424) and the frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel (1424–1428).
       Masolino [‘Little Tom’ or ‘delicate Tom’] was born in Panicale. He may have been an assistant to Ghiberti in Florence between 1403–1407. In 1423, he joined the Florentine guild ‘Arte dei Medici e Speziali’ [Doctors and Apothecaries], which included painters as an independent branch. He may have been the first artist to create of oil paintings in the 1420s, rather than Jan van Eyck in the 1430s as was previously supposed.

See also Masaccio.

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