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       Charles Édouard Jeanneret


       Le Corbusier

The exact significance of the name chosen by the French architect Charles Édouard Jeanneret (1887–1965) is not clear. It seems however, that Le Corbusier was a family name and that Jeanneret detected in a cousin’s name the resemblance to a crow [corbeau]. In 1920 Jeanneret chose Le Corbusier, while Amédée Ozenfant (a French cubist painter and writer) selected the pseudonym ‘Saugnier’, his grandmother’s name. Together ‘Saugnier’ and ‘Le Corbusier’ founded the Purist movement (between 1918-1925, a variation of Cubist movement that influenced French painting and architecture.)
       As a standard French surname, Le Corbusier appears to mean ‘basket-seller’, from the French ‘corbeille’ [basket].

See also Amédée Ozenfant.

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