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       Terry Harknett

       Alex Peters
       Charles R. Pike
       David Ford
       Frank Chandler
       George G. Gilman
       James Russell
       Jane Harman
       Joseph Hedges
       Thomas H. Stone
       William M. James
       William Pine
       William Terry

Terry Harknett (1936) is the prolific author of nearly two hundred books, he wrote pulp novels in the western genre – as in gun slinging and tobacco chewing – using rancher-sounding names like George G. Gilman. Harknett once described himself as a frustrated suspense writer: ‘For fifteen long years, I wrote mystery novels that were published twice yearly – and sank without a trace at the same rate.’ In a rather unlikely way, he had stumbled into the genre of westerns, and his Gilman novels went on to sell millions of copies. Not bad for a British man from Essex with a decidedly unmasculine name.
       He has also written as a ghost-writer for Peter Haining and under an array of other pseudonyms, including Joseph Hedges, William M. James, Charles R. Pike, Thomas H. Stone, Frank Chandler, Jane Harman, Alex Peters, William Pine, William Terry, James Russell, and David Ford. Some bibliographies list Adam Hardy as one of Harknett's pseudonyms, in fact a nom de plume of Kenneth Bulmer. This is an error resulting from incorrect copyright information printed in one of the Edge westerns.

See also Kenneth Bulmer.

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