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       Paul McCartney


       Paul Ramon
In May 1960 The Silver Beetles (later to become known as The Beatles) were backing a young musician Johnny Gentle, during his tour through Scotland. For the duration of this tour the whole band decided to adopt pseudonyms.
       Band member Paul McCartney (1942) recalls: ‘Now we were truly professional, we could do something we had been toying with for a long time, which was to change our names to real showbiz names. I became Paul Ramon, which I thought was suitably exotic. I remember the Scottish girls saying: 'Is that his real name? That's great.' It's French, Ramon. Ra-mon, that's how you pronounce it.’
       In 1969 Paul McCartney once again used the moniker Paul Ramon for a guest appearance on a Steve Miller Band single, ‘My Dark Hour’.

See also Dee Dee Ramone, Stuart de Stael, Carl Harrison and Long John.

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