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       Marie von Bardeleben

       Dito und Idem
       George Allan
       Marie Kremnitz
       Mitte Kremnitz

Marie von Bardeleben (1852–1916) was the daughter of famous surgeon Heinrich Adolf von Bardeleben. She grew up in Greifswald, London and in 1868 moved to Berlin. She married doctor Wilhelm Kremnitz and with him moved to Bucharest in 1875. They had two children.
       In Romania, Marie became good friends with Pauline Elisabeth Ottilie Luise zu Wied (1843–1916), the Queen Elisabeth, who wrote poems, novels and short stories under the nom de plume Carmen Sylva, and in 1881 she was appointed her maid of honour. Together they published several novels and a drama in collaboration, signing with the pseudonym Dito und Idem between 1881–1888.
       Starting in 1890 Von Bardeleben used the name Mitte Kremnitz or Marie Kremnitz. She also used the pen name George Allan.
       After her husband’s death in 1897, Kremnitz returned to Berlin.

See also Dito und Idem.

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