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       Georg Wilhelm Heinrich Häring


       Sir Walter Scott
       Willibald Alexis

Willibald Alexis is a pseudonym of the German historical novelist Georg Wilhelm Heinrich Häring (1798–1871). He first used this name for ‘Die Treibjagd’ (1820), his first work of fiction, and alsof for several short stories.
      In 1824 he used the pseudonym ‘Sir Walter Scott’, the name of the Scottish historical novelist, playwright, and poet. Scott's novels were very much to the German taste and Häring assumed the novelist’s name for a work of his own, purportedly translated freely from the English [frei nach dem Englischen]. The ‘Scottish’ novel ‘Walladmor’ appeared in Berlin in 1824, many people believed it to be an actual translations of Scott’s work.

See also Sir Walter Scott and James Kirke Paulding.

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